The Benefits of Hosted Email

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Management of business email systems is critical to company security as there can be sensitive information and confidential data passed through email. It’s essential to make sure that security is top-notch to keep this information safe. There are two choices for companies: on-premise email systems or cloud-hosted email systems. There are advantages to both, but companies seem to moving heavily toward hosted email systems, as the benefits include reduced costs, fewer responsibilities and less headache.

Setup and deployment costs

Initial setup and deployment costs of implementing an in-house email system can be expensive due to all of the hardware that must be purchased and installed by professionals. However, once installed, all of the services that would be performed on-premise can instead be performed through the cloud so there is no expensive setup. You simply pay a small initial payment to get started, and then a fixed-price monthly fee.

Fixed-price monthly charges

One of the best features of using a hosted email system is the simplicity of payments. With no unforeseen charges, the monthly costs come at a fixed price. You always know what your charges will be, and you always know exactly what you are paying for.

Maintenance and upgrades

Another steep cost of using on-premise email systems is the weekly or monthly maintenance costs as well as emergency repairs. Upgrades and updates typically have to be installed by IT professionals. With hosted email, all updates and maintenance are the responsibility of the hosted email provider.


Business demands tend to fluctuate, but with an on-premise email system you are stuck with the limits of the hardware. Hosted email systems are much more flexible, as you can add or reduce services on demand. If your company experiences an influx of new customers, you may need to add email services or features. Instead of having to install new hardware or software, you simply sign in to your account and upgrade your features within a few minutes.


With an on-premise email system, the company is responsible for maintaining the security of all emails and other communications. This may mean the addition of an IT professional to your staff, or at the very least, using the services of an independent IT professional to monitor and maintain security. Hosted email systems protect your emails in the cloud, as well as through transit.

Cloud hosted email systems provide multiple backups, so in the event that a data breach or loss occurs, there are multiple copies of the data for instant recovery.


Hosted email systems have many benefits, especially for small-to-mid-size businesses that don’t have the budget to implement a full-time IT staff. For a fraction of the cost, a third-party email hosting provider will handle all of the responsibilities in order to ensure that your email system is working as it should, and that the emails are completely secured.  If you’re looking for additional help in finding out how hosted email can benefit your business, Stratosphere Networks can help.  Call us today at (877) 950-1227 or fill out our contact form.