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Virtualization and Cloud

The cloud has become a go-to application to increase flexibility, security and collaboration within a company. It allows for instant access to any important digital files, no matter your location. This means that employees can easily work remotely and still have the ability to retrieve necessary documents and information. Virtualization can free up storage, lower costs, reduce maintenance, improve security and much more.

Our team of consultants can analyze your business and come up with the perfect virtualization solution that fits your needs. Our various options include virtualization of: hardware, software, memory, storage, data and network. With the right solution, your business will become more efficient and productive and our staff will make for an easy transition.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, you’ll be glad you have Stratosphere Networks on your team. Whether you’re faced with a blizzard, tornado, hurricane or just a technology mishap, Stratosphere Networks has a BDR system that will activate right away in the event of a system failure. Our immediate response time provides business continuity, as all data and applications are still accessible. Even the tiniest of downtime can affect a business, so Stratosphere Networks makes sure you are faced with no interruptions from your day-to-day functions.


Applications are crucial to the inner workings of a system. From email to sales programs, Stratosphere Networks can meticulously line up your business objectives and technology requirements with the ideal applications. Applications are necessary for organization, productivity and communication and allow for a business to remain competitive and become successful.

We partner with the best-in-class vendors to create custom solutions for your business. Our team can provide IT solutions for web sites, web hosting online stores, Outlook and email, SQL, ERP, CRM, Microsoft applications and Citrix. Our skilled team of IT professionals will continually update and backup all applications to make sure all resources are working at their optimal level.

Hosted and Data Center

A data center is one of the most important aspects of a business. If a data center fails, the entire IT infrastructure is at risk. Through our full-service data center with redundant and backup tools, redundant data communications connections, security devices and around-the-clock monitoring, Stratosphere Networks can minimize potential downtime caused by an IT failure. Our data center provides a safe place for businesses to backup critical business information and protects against losses from crashes, viruses and more.

Stratosphere Networks offers hosted solutions to benefit an organization’s system. From hosted exchange email to hosted PBX, VoIP and SIP, Stratosphere Networks has a complete collection of fully managed services. Other hosted applications include Citrix Xen App and Xen desktop, cloud computing and hosted desktop.

Hardware and Solutions

While having great support and new applications are important for a business, you can’t forget about the hardware itself. The hardware a business possesses affects all of the basic functions of an office. Purchasing, installing and maintaining multiple work stations can be incredibly time-consuming, as well as expensive. Stratosphere Networks can not only set your business up with all of its IT hardware, but it can deliver technical support for all of its users. Our hardware solutions include desktop support, IP endpoint support (printers, copiers, IP phones, etc.) and infrastructure support (routers, servers, switches).

Stratosphere Networks IT solutions are all personally catered and designed for every business. From virtualization and data centers, to videoconferencing and disaster recovery, Stratosphere Networks has you covered. Our expert team can assist in picking out the hardware to everyday maintenance and everything in between. Our solutions are created to allow business owners to focus on running their organization, employees to focus on their normal tasks and the team at Stratosphere Networks to focus on keeping your IT running optimally.