How Will Unified Communications Help Your Business Productivity?

business woman with smart phone

A Unified Communications Solution (UCS) is the integration of video, data and voice communications in one service, allowing users to contact anyone from anywhere in real time.

Features can include instant messaging, video conferencing, web based voice and face calls. Messages can be left in one medium – voicemail for example – and accessed in another, either as a voicemail, or by text or email, whichever is easiest for the receiver.

Having UCS optimizes business procedures and collaboration by simplifying processes and getting rid of the need for more than one service. This can be very cost effective.

A UCS can help you and your business be more productive in the following ways.

1: Greater mobility

This use of the UCS is particularly helpful to businesses that employ remote workers or whose employees spend a lot of time out of the office.

The rise of remote workers means a rise in hot desking as workers need to be available wherever they are – both to colleagues and customers. A UCS provides a one number system in which calls can be answered from a softphone on a mobile device or home computer, or at any desk they happen to be in the office without being tied to a fixed handset.

Softphones are software applications that can work on any device, making voice and video calls using the company internet servers. This also saves money on phone bills and extra hardware devices.

2: Collaboration

UCS features can boost productivity by enhancing collaborative opportunities. Enabling colleagues to work more easily together despite their location means that projects can be completed faster, and other projects begun.

The most useful tool for this is video and voice conferencing that is easily supported by the UCS. if you have workers across the country or around the globe, overheads and time spent on travel can be slashed.

Video conferencing and collaboration provides a more effective way of contacting customers and studies have shown that conversations that take place face-to-face are more successful than telephone calls and can boost creative collaborations.

3: Instant messaging

Instant messaging is another helpful UCS feature for businesses. The informal tone and speed can make collaboration easier and more fun, and allow conversations to take place whilst employees are carrying out other tasks – increasing productivity. Being able to see when a colleague is available to message is a key benefit as you know when a message has been received, unlike email where you could be waiting a long time and not know how long it can take for a response.

4: Wider productivity

When an individual employee and teams become more productive thanks to UCS, the organization will become more productive too, reflecting the value of adopting a UC solution. Whilst many positive changes may be seen by workers, it’s not until productivity is increased and better outcomes and profit margins are seen as a result – will the management understand the value of making communication and collaboration easier amongst their staff.