Does Your Website Need Responsive Design?

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Even the most well-designed business websites eventually need to be redesigned. New and updated IT strategies alter how website visitors navigate websites, and thus impact the percentage of visitors who take the desired action when they visit websites (e.g., making a purchase or leaving contact information). Responsive design, which makes a website easier to navigate when it is accessed from mobile devices, is one of these strategies.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is a complex website development strategy that achieves a rather simple effect: It creates a “mobile friendly” version of a website that fits on the screen of smartphones and smart tablets. Instead of having to swipe the screen on mobile devices to get to different parts of the homepage or other pages, visitors see whole web pages and need only scroll down to access more information. This display and layout offers an efficient browsing experience.

Why Use Responsive Design?

Almost anyone who has experience surfing the web using a smartphone or a smart tablet can understand the benefits of a responsively designed website. Businesses that spend the IT budget as economically as possible need to understand that responsive design is both mobile friendly and user friendly when considering whether to implement the strategy. They also need statistics that quantify the importance of responsive design, such as the three listed below.

  1. 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially (Uberflip).
  1. 62% of companies that designed a website for mobile increased sales (Econsultancy).
  1. 48% of users who visit a business site that isn’t mobile friendly think the business doesn’t care. (MarginMedia).

These statistics are just a few of the many pieces of information that quantify the importance of a business website that features responsive design. If your Minneapolis-based company would like more information about how responsive design can lead to better website performance when your site is accessed using mobile devices, Minneapolis IT support provider Stratosphere Networks is here to help. We’ll help you design a website that caters to your mobile audience.

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We have years of experience in the local Minneapolis IT support industry and have seen how responsive design can help companies achieve their online business goals in an online marketing landscape. In addition to helping your site visitors use your website more efficiently, implementing responsive design can improve the search engine results position (SERP) of your site in Google search results. This is because Google considers responsive design to be a crucial “authority” factor for indexing websites.

To schedule a free evaluation of your web design needs, call us today at (877) 950-1999, or fill out the contact form on our website. If your website is not optimized for use with mobile devices, you may be missing out on a significant percentage of sales and contact information for prospective clients. By making us your trusted Minneapolis IT support provider for your web design needs, you can avoid these common pitfalls. Contact us today!