The Benefits of Remote Working Capabilities

Shot of a young woman working on her laptop at home to show remote working capabilities

Remote workers make up almost 40% of the work force, and that number is expected to increase heavily over the next several years. The reason is simple – companies are realizing the benefits of using remote workers that can work from home, in other states or even other countries. In this article, we will take a look at some the biggest benefits of using remote workers.

Smaller office

When you deal with a large number of remote workers, this means you don’t need as much office space to house the employees. Of course this won’t work in every industry, but in many cases, it results in sizable cost reductions. If you have 20 employees, you will have to find enough space to accommodate them all. If you have 20 remote employees, you can keep your office space at a minimum while enjoying the other benefits of remote workers.

Hardware and maintenance costs

Not only can remote workers save companies money in office space, but there are many additional savings including office hardware, network bandwidth, storage space, phone systems, and much more.

By using remote workers, companies are likely to be using cloud computing services, as these services are specifically configured toward availability, accessibility, and flexibility. Using cloud computing services for storage, communication, collaboration, and networking, companies can drastically decrease costs of hardware and software. Since the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining the hardware, this eliminates maintenance costs as well.


Remote workers provide flexibility that cannot be found in a conventional office environment. Remote workers are always accessible, even on breaks, at lunch, out shopping, or where ever. You can send remote workers on trips in cars, trains, planes and even boats, and since they have the ability to work remotely, they can work during the trip there and back.

Large talent pool to choose from

By using remote workers, companies have a much larger talent pool to choose from. Many freelancers and remote workers have the ability to work from any location, nationwide, or even worldwide. This provides companies with workers from many different areas, which gives the company more choices to ensure that they are able to get qualified and skilled employees.

Putting it all together

Companies are using remote workers to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and gain flexibility. The ability to choose employees from any region allows companies to pick employees that match all of the company’s qualifications and needs. Look for more companies to adopt remote workers in the near future as remote plans such as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) become more popular and widespread in the work place.