Hackers United: No One Is Safe

Internet hackers are devious monsters, being able to penetrate large companies or firms un-noticed, stealing personal data, cash, or even customer’s identities. Most of which, doesn’t get noticed until weeks or months later…

Look at eBay, last Friday over 145 million people received an email telling them to change their passwords due to a security issue—nobody thought much of it, a few employees even believed that the email was real.  It was a complete shocker when Ebay notified the public, nearly a week later, that the email was not from them, rather than hackers who obtained several of its employees’ login credentials. Thus gaining them access to over 130 million users names, addresses, telephone numbers, and passwords—claiming it as one of the biggest data breaches in the history of the Internet.

Two issues are worth highlighting when it comes to this dilemma:

#1) While many companies, big and small, are aware of being hacked, too few are actually putting up firewalls or system detectors to monitor such activity.

#2) After being hacked, too few companies declare it publicly for fear of hurting their reputation.

Many business leaders are still failing to concern themselves about the risk of being hacked. There are no excuses. If you haven’t done so, install a firewall, encrypt your data, just adding that second layer of virtual protection helps. Companies, big or small, must become more serious about both preventing and tackling these risks.

Remember, the customer always comes first. This includes their data.

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