Healthcare it Technology SECTORS

Healthcare information technologies (HIT) is extremely important in assisting providing healthcare to patients and connecting healthcare professions to a network of care professionals that might not be near. Our IT consultants work with your healthcare practice to assist on some of the below sectors. Contact our team of IT professionals for more information.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): This technology can allow for identification, tracking, location, security and other capabilities to help with asset management, patient care, and inventory control.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records): Paperless, digital and a computerized system of maintaining patient data. This increases overall efficiencies within a healthcare practice.

EHR (Electronic Health Records): Also known as EPR (electronic patient record) is a system, like EMR, that stores and organizes all patient information such as lab test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal stats, and billing information.

Telemedicine, Collaboration and Video Conferencing: The use of technology and communications to provide patient care. The use of collaborative technology tools and video conferencing provides facilities with limited staff based on staffing issues, emergency sick days, short staffing, or issues based on geography to allow remote clinicians to collaborate effectively.

e-Health: Healthcare Informatics (HIT) is the practice of Information Technologies specifically related to Healthcare field.

Virtualization: Utlizing Citrix Receiver to use i-Pad and Tablet technologies are commonly used to access EMR premise servers as hosted solutions don't require this. Virtualization allows businesses an increased security as well as disaster recovery times and decreased downtime.

Billing Software: Billing within a healthcare institution is an extremely difficult task to manage and follow-up on. Legacy environments have separate solutions in place such as IDX that limit visibility across other departments and require highly skilled labor from the manufacturer. EMR and EHR solutions have successfully incorporated and managed this task into a single receptacle.

Document Management and Fax Servers: Due to compliance reasons, paper documents are required to be kept for a number of years. Creating a centralized repository for document management improves automation, archiving, improve compliancy, as well as drives costs down. EMR and EHR solutions have successfully incorporated and managed this task into a single server.

Dictation and Voice to Text Devices: Dictation devices have been used for decades in the healthcare field. Manual transcription of recorded messages cause delays and increased costs. Currently, software has advanced allowing us to have voice messages and recordings to be transcribed automatically. Smartphones and iPhones have created applications such as Dragon by Nuance as an easy way to auto transcribe.

Managed IT Services and Print Services: Understanding the benefits regarding leveraging a managed service provider and managed print services will allow healthcare institutions to better control costs and flat rate IT budget. Managing IT assets is a time consuming tasks and with Stratosphere Networks managed services program can alleviate these issues as well as keep track of important warranty and insurance information. Optimization of your IT infrastructure is another important benefit of partnering with Stratosphere managed service department. We work with your team to streamline the processes, increase efficiencies, and accurately oversee IT infrastructure. Workflow optimization and increased response to issues alleviates business issues and IT concerns that can cripple the entire business.

Chemo Software: Pharmaceutical dosing software that allows healthcare companies to properly manage and track as well as properly dose for chemotherapy and oncology practices.



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