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Routing, switching, firewall, Wireless Access, WAN Acceleration and vpn technologies

Stratosphere Networks provides best in class IT infrastructure solutions and support. Our business was founded around high level IT infrastructure support as we are the experts when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Planning and implementing a new infrastructure is not an easy task. Since your IT infrastructure will impact your business, we ensure we review all solutions and provide the one that suits your business needs today and in the future. For businesses that need help with their current infrastructure, we provide a network assessment in order to optimize what is in place then layer on a support plan to ensure any tweaks to the setup are properly managed.

Data, Core, and Infrastructure Routers: For businesses that need assistance with router design, monitoring and management; let our routing and switching division assist. Service providers typically provide this device but they do not provide comprehensive management or monitoring of these devices. As your business grows, individuals forget that the router in place might not be optimal as it terminates your internet connection. Some common solutions in the Small-Medium markets include Cisco 1700, 2800, 2900, 3800, MA 3400and 3900 series and Adtran 904, 908, 908e.. These models typically scale up to 350 max Mbps before requiring a different product family. Service providers are typically responsible for these devices. Some other core routing devices we sell and support include Juniper, Nortel/Avaya, FatPipe, and other best in class routing solutions.

Firewall, UTM, and Content Filtering: Unified threat management and content filtering devices are becoming more popular with organizations as outside intruders can compromise data and corrupt entire infrastructure which can put you out of business for days. Firewall solutions are becoming more intelligent by incorporating these solutions into the devices. However, for more robust UTM separate devices are being leveraged as if you incorporate them inside a firewall solution then that firewall will not support as much throughput as it did without the services turned on. SPAM solutions are also available inside these devices; however, we encourage hosted SPAM solutions as a site failure can stop the email flow. Some common solutions in the Small-Medium markets include Cisco ASA series (5500, 5505, 5510, 5520) and Sonicwall TZ (100, 170, 190, 200, 210) or NSA series (2400, 3500, 4500, 220, 240, 250, E-Class) solutions. Barracude, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Watchguard, and Juniper are other alternatives that we sell and support on a regular basis. VPN solutions are commonly built into these devices with additional VPN (IP SEC or SSL) licensing. However, if your business is going a lot of VPN site to site or client access we might turn towards another concentrator that focuses on VPN whereas your firewall focuses on firewall duties and threat prevention.

Wireless Access points can be frustrating to manage. These devices aren't accessed regularly, thus your in-house staff is not confident to manage and maintain. Stratosphere Networks has a number of wireless solutions for your business. Whether you are looking to add wireless access to your business or you are trying to map out a new building, we have solutions for your. Aruba, Meru, Meraki and Cisco are some of our top wireless solutions. However, when you purchase a firewall (i.e. Sonicwall) you can typically make that unit wireless and add wireless access points.

When it comes to switching, our team of switching professionals goes the extra mile. While other companies simply sell you a managed switch Layer 3, we optimize and implement this solution to ensure your network is optimize as this is the core to your entire LAN.Whether you need entry level switches or more complex switches, we can assist with all your data switching needs. If you have or are about to deploy an IP PBX, POE (power over ethernet) switches are critical to your environment. However, some people don't realize that some IP PBX solutions require more power than others and some switches cannot handle the load. Our team of professionals ensures you have selected the correct model based on your business needs.


Below are some of the Infrastructure manufacturers we work with:

Stratosphere networks - it managed service provider

Router, Firewall, VPN, Wireless Access Point, Data Switches, and POE Solutions for your IT Infrastructure servicing the Minneapolis, Minnesota, markets and nationwide.

Stratosphere Networks is a comprehensive IT managed service provider for Minnesota and Nationwide markets that provides intelligent IT support for your business. Our IT consultants work with your business to identify your business needs. Our team of IT support professionals work around the clock to provide IT help desk, server, and infrastructure support for your business. Our network operations can help with all your IT requests remotely and in some rare instances that you require IT support onsite our dispatch team

Whether it’s help desk support, remote and on-site dispatch, network optimization, search engine optimization services (SEO), maintenance tasks (such as Windows Updates), proactive network monitoring, disaster recovery planning, planning to roll out a new line of business application (i.e. EMR, EHR, DMS, etc) network upgrade or migration planning (such as Microsoft Exchange), considering virtualizing your infrastructure (i.e. VMWare, Citrix, or Hyper-V) or simply moving to a new location, our team of experts can help ensure all aspects of your technology infrastructure are handled correctly.