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  • Virtualization For SMB
  • Cloud Computing
  • Hosted Exchange or Microsoft SBS Server
  • Backup and disaster recovery (BDR)
  • HOsted PBX OR Onsite Phone System
  • Enterprise IT Support and ResponsE AT a Small Business Price

IT Support for small to medium sized businesses and Startups

More and more small to medium sized businesses are turning to IT Managed Service providers and IT outsourcing for managing all aspects of their IT infrastructure. The biggest challenge for businesses in this market segment focuses around the IT budget. What if you were able to flat rate IT month to month costs? Now there is a way!

Stratosphere Networks has intelligently came up with different plans for all businesses in all industries. Our Comprehensive offering provides full remote help desk, onsite critical tech support with a guaranteed service level response, as well as server and infrastructure support (firewall, router, data switches, content filtering, spam filtering and more).

How to plan for a Managed Service Provider?

1. Review your IT expenditures over the past year.

2. Review your responsibilities that you cannot put a price on. Some of which is vendor management and those emergency times you had to run out to the office to repair or reboot critical server or infrastructure equipment. Also, review the day to day tasks you perform dealing with your end user.

3. How much time do you spend reviewing and analyzing industry technology trends to roadmap your business for the future.

4. Has some tasks you were hired to perform being put to the side? Are you working extra hours just to keep up?

5. Are you currently outsourcing your IT on a per incident basis (time and materials), purchasing a service block (on retainer) or paying a monthly fee? What does this include?

6. Have you ever had discussions regarding the hiring of an entry level IT person or network administrator? What are those costs? Who is going go train them? Entry level is typically $35,000 /yr plus 30% fringe which equals $45,500 a year or $3792.00 a month; whereas network administrator who is use to day to day is approximately $60,000 /yr plus 30% fringe which equals $78,000 a year or $6500.00 a month. How much does it cost you to interview? How much does it cost you to train? What if this individual does not work out? What if there are 5 critical issues that pop up at once? What happens during sick or vacation? What are your costs for more complex network items as even if you hire a network administrator their expertise is limited and you will still need to outsource!

7. What if you wanted to take a vacation? Who is going to handle IT?

All of the above are extremely important questions to review when considering a Managed Service Provider.

IT Services for Start-ups: If you are an entrepreneur and starting a new business, the use of technology can have a huge impact on how successful your new business is. Minimizing upfront costs and who will manage your day to day IT is a huge challenge. The IT professionals at Stratosphere Networks help new businesses analyze hosted versus on-premise solutions based on your business. We have solutions that allow your business to pay a monthly cost or incur an upfront expenditure. We want to see your new business succeed as we treat new businesses no different than even our largest client. If you are looking to start a new business and need some assistance with your technology infrastructure, contact the Stratosphere Networks team of IT professionals. Receive best in class support for your startup. We want to grow with you!

IT Relocation Services: Are you moving your business or looking to open a new location? The team at Stratosphere can help map out your move or new location to ensure transparency and decrease downtime during this experience. We work with all aspects of your technology infrastructure. We work with services providers nationwide to assist with dial tone and internet solutions, we provide full wiring and cabling, we move your business phone system as well as entire IT infrastructure.

Nationwide Offering: No matter whether your business is local, regional, or national, our Managed Service Offering can provide the same level of support. Our business was founded on maintenance and support on a nationwide presence. We understand the importance of providing the highest level of support for all our clients and our IT professionals strive to exceed expectations.

Hour Of Coverage: We customize Managed Service plans around your business. We have standard business and extended hour offerings to ensure your business is being covered based on your hours of operation. Our network operations center is always available even after your coverage hours for critical response for system wide outages.

No matter if you are a small, medium or startup business, Stratosphere Networks can help.

Stratosphere networks - it managed service provider

IT Support for Small To Medium Sized Businesses and Start ups servicing Minneapolis, Minnesota, markets and nationwide.

Stratosphere Networks is a comprehensive IT managed service provider for Minnesota and Nationwide markets that provides intelligent IT support for your business. Our IT consultants work with your business to identify your business needs. Our team of IT support professionals work around the clock to provide IT help desk, server, and infrastructure support for your business. Our network operations can help with all your IT requests remotely and in some rare instances that you require IT support onsite our dispatch team

Whether it’s help desk support, remote and on-site dispatch, network optimization, search engine optimization services (SEO), maintenance tasks (such as Windows Updates), proactive network monitoring, disaster recovery planning, planning to roll out a new line of business application (i.e. EMR, EHR, DMS, etc) network upgrade or migration planning (such as Microsoft Exchange), considering virtualizing your infrastructure (i.e. VMWare, Citrix, or Hyper-V) or simply moving to a new location, our team of experts can help ensure all aspects of your technology infrastructure are handled correctly.