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IT Support for medium sized businesses

Some mid-sized businesses lack IT in-house staff, while others have a single IT manager to not only focus on technology innovation for that business but also is responsible for providing 24/7/365 IT support for end users, critical business servers and IT infrastructure. Typically, when it comes to new projects such as migrations, upgrades, new technology implementation, internet upgrades and service provider conversions, the in-house IT staff is too overwhelmed and not experienced enough to take on these additional tasks. Projects are typically outsourced to a valued vendor.

Do you have in-house IT staff? In-house IT staff typically express different concerns some of which include: (a)Who handles IT when I'm sick or take vacation? (b)What happens if a critical server or internet goes down over-night and we have extended business hours? Who is responsible for this? (c)How am I going to grow my skills when I have to continuously focus on the day to day maintenance work? (d)We have new business objectives and I'm responsible for keeping up to date when it comes to technology in the competitive marketplace but I'm so focused on the day to day? (e)I'm too overwhelmed as I should hire another IT professional. I have to spend time interviewing then training and then hoping this individual works out. My minimal costs for an entry level person is $35,000 a year plus fringe benefits of 30% which comes out to $45,500. Can I leverage an IT managed service provider instead? Resolution: Stratosphere Networks has a number of options to assist with all these concerns. Let us fill your IT gaps and have you focus on business innovation. We will focus on the day to day, while you focus on newer technologies. Or if you need additional project work, we can help with that too.

Do you lack in-house IT staff? For those businesses that lack IT staff, you are either (a)outsourcing your IT today or (b)you have another individual who wasn't hired for IT managing the day to day. If you were hired to perform other job functions, why not offload your IT responsibilities so you can focus on what you were hired for? For those that use an IT outsource today, is your IT vendor providing you guaranteed responses to critical issues? Can they handle your day to day? Do they have a help desk? Resolution: For businesses that lack IT staff, turn to Stratosphere Networks to help provide 24/7/365 critical monitoring, end user remote help desk, server and infrastructure maintenance and management as well as server level guarantees that we will respond to your business issues.

Are you working with a small 1-5 person IT shop? Typically, if you are working with a small IT shop you are not getting the level of service you expect regarding your entire IT infrastructure. Utilizing such a small IT firm, individuals are reacting and chasing issues versus proactively monitoring and resolving issues prior to critical outages. If you have an issue then you try calling their cell phone and you cross your fingers that they will pickup. Even if they do pickup, if they are servicing a larger client then you are put at the bottom of the list. Smaller IT shops difficulties staying current when it comes to technology as they are chasing the day to day maintenance issues and never have time to increase skill set. What happens if you have multiple critical issues that pop up at once? In this case, your IT company will focus on one thing at a time. Does this sound like your business? If so, turn to Stratosphere Networks. Leverage our team of internal only help desk professionals as you will also speak to someone technical when calling in. Our network operations team provides proactive and responsive 24/7/365 monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure so you don't have to worry. Our team of IT experts collaborate to ensure we are providing you the highest level of service as possible. We have defined technical roles that allow our company to respond and meet SLA for critical outages. We stay current on newer technologies as well as attend different industry events to ensure when we are providing CIO services for your business we can talk about the competitive landscape.

Are you working with a large IT shop? Typically, if you are working with a large IT shop, you are not getting the level of service you expect on a day to day basis. The large IT companies focus on project work and IT consulting; however, when it comes to day to day you are out of luck. Our analytics show us that over 90% of the calls we get into our network operation center deals with help desk calls. We have also surveyed our clients who used other large IT providers and they too agree that the day to day help desk was never handled accordingly. If you are using a large IT outsourcing company or managed service provider, you might have been impressed initially by their IT consultant that sold you on their company. However, as you look back your day to day isn't being managed and your IT costs are high. Does this sound like your business? If so, the team at Stratosphere Networks is ready to help. We cover all aspects of IT including help desk, onsite tech support, server and infrastructure support. We layer on our 24/7/365 network operations center that proactively monitors internet connections, critical servers as well as critical infrastructure devices to increase uptime. No client is too big or too small for Stratosphere Networks as we provide service level guarantees to all our clients.


Contact Stratosphere Networks and see how we can help with your single site Minnesota based company or multiple site nationwide organization.

Stratosphere networks - it managed service provider

IT Support for Medium Sized Businesses servicing Minneapolis, Minnesota, markets and nationwide.

Stratosphere Networks is a comprehensive IT managed service provider for Minnesota and Nationwide markets that provides intelligent IT support for your business. Our IT consultants work with your business to identify your business needs. Our team of IT support professionals work around the clock to provide IT help desk, server, and infrastructure support for your business. Our network operations can help with all your IT requests remotely and in some rare instances that you require IT support onsite our dispatch team

Whether it’s help desk support, remote and on-site dispatch, network optimization, search engine optimization services (SEO), maintenance tasks (such as Windows Updates), proactive network monitoring, disaster recovery planning, planning to roll out a new line of business application (i.e. EMR, EHR, DMS, etc) network upgrade or migration planning (such as Microsoft Exchange), considering virtualizing your infrastructure (i.e. VMWare, Citrix, or Hyper-V) or simply moving to a new location, our team of experts can help ensure all aspects of your technology infrastructure are handled correctly.