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  • Virtualization solutions for large enterprises (Citrix and vmware solutions)
  • why some large enterprises are moving to Cloud Computing
  • why some large businesses are moving to Hosted Exchange
  • the use of data centers for large companies - backup and disaster recovery (BDR) - hosted solutions - larger bandwidth solutions
  • multiple site technology solutions for large enterprises
  • Wan management and wan Acceleration for large enterprises

IT Support for large enterprises And Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies

For the large enterprise, IT outsourcing is leveraged in different ways to assist current IT team of professionals to allow them to focus on new innovations and business directives. For any task that an IT manager does not see on a day to day basis, firms tend to seek outside firms to help with project planning, implementation and cutover support. Outsourcing project work is a common task no matter how big or small your in-house IT staff is. More and more large enterprises have turned to Stratosphere Networks to assist with even day to day functions for many reasons.

Hiring new IT professionals to add to your existing IT team can be a tedious and costly process. Human Resource Managers are tasked with locating the right individual with the right set of skills to fill a certain IT role. With any hire you then need to worry about management, 30% fringe benefits, vacation, sick time, and whether or not if that individual will work out in the long run. Large enterprises are turning to IT Managed Service Providers (MSP) to focus on one particular aspect of their business. Whether you need remote help desk, onsite per incident support, 24/7/365 monitoring, or weekend support; leveraging an IT MSP is a very easy choice to make. Stratosphere Networks has creating solutions for the specific reason of overlaying existing IT groups and can customize our Managed IT Service Plan around your business and personnel needs.

IT professional services is another reason why large enterprises turn to Stratosphere Networks. The IT professionals at Stratosphere Networks are experienced and certified on the latest and greatest technologies and are constantly staying up to speed with current IT trends. Businesses also turn to Stratosphere Networks when they are tasked with large network infrastructure or service provider upgrades or migrations. Your current staff might not be able to be at every location to assist with upgrade and migration procedures, but we can.

More and more clients have been leveraging our network operations center and team of help desk professionals to provide remote end user assistance to their employees. This allows current IT staff to be freed up in order to focus on larger more complex and money generating IT tasks. Our team of help desk professionals are well versed with different line of business applications across every industry to assist manage your end users.

Below are some helpful links for Large companies and Fortune 500 or 1000 Enterprises:

Stratosphere networks - it managed service provider

IT Support for Single Site or Multiple Site Enterprises servicing the Minneapolis, Minnesota, markets and nationwide.

Stratosphere Networks is a comprehensive IT managed service provider for Minnesota and Nationwide markets that provides intelligent IT support for your business. Our IT consultants work with your business to identify your business needs. Our team of IT support professionals work around the clock to provide IT help desk, server, and infrastructure support for your business. Our network operations can help with all your IT requests remotely and in some rare instances that you require IT support onsite our dispatch team

Whether it’s help desk support, remote and on-site dispatch, network optimization, search engine optimization services (SEO), maintenance tasks (such as Windows Updates), proactive network monitoring, disaster recovery planning, planning to roll out a new line of business application (i.e. EMR, EHR, DMS, etc) network upgrade or migration planning (such as Microsoft Exchange), considering virtualizing your infrastructure (i.e. VMWare, Citrix, or Hyper-V) or simply moving to a new location, our team of experts can help ensure all aspects of your technology infrastructure are handled correctly.